Harbor Manufacturing, Inc. has been providing contract CNC machining services since the 1970’s. An experienced CNC machining resource is a key building block for your metal products business. By relying on our global reach and technical expertise, manufacturing your product with the highest quality standards, yet cost effectively, is no longer a challenge. We machine numerous types of materials including:

  • Gray, Ductile Iron and Steel Castings
  • Stainless Steel
  • Powder Metal
  • Aluminum
  • Forgings
  • Carbon & Alloy Steel
  • Brass, Bronze and Copper

Harbor Manufacturing has over 30 CNC machines including the following:

  • (3) large VTL’s with a max cutting diameter of 63”, and a 10,000 lb max table weight
  • (4) 630mm twin pallet HMC’s
  • (1) Bridge Mill with a 10’ X 6 ‘ cutting envelope and a 5th axis
  • (5) Twin spindle VTL’S, max cutting diameter 32”, one with live tooling
  • (1) live tool bar fed lathe, max bar diameter of 2 ½”
  • (3) live tool slant lathes max cutting diameter 24”, 12” chuck
  • (9) Vertical Milling Machines , 2 with shuttle pallets,  max work envelope 80” X  34”
  • (4) Slant lathes, max chuck 12” with a 24.4” swing over bed.

We rapidly procure components, machine and assemble product solutions, perform complex testing and ship to your end customer. We offer a complete product solution synchronized with quality assurance and test processes to ensure the highest-level of production on all CNC machined components.

Harbor Manufacturing, Inc. continues to deliver contract CNC machining services while today’s customer leans more on Harbor’s engineering resources to design and reduce cost out of their metal products. We are committed to delivering a finished product ready for your prototype or production needs.

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