In addition to a full complement of traditional horizontal lathes, Harbor Manufacturing provides vertical turning lathe machining with 3 large VTL’s with a max cutting diameter of 63” and 7,000 lbs. max table weight. Harbor also has 5 twin spindle VTL’s with a max cutting diameter of 32”

Vertical turning lathe machining offers as many advantages for small parts manufacturing as it does for large, heavy parts.

Technical Service

  • Excels with heavy, hard-to-load workpieces requiring a crane or automation.
  • Great for nonconforming part shapes that need to be fixtured as opposed to traditional centralizing chucking.
  • Ideal for fragile work pieces requiring low clamping pressures to prevent distortion also benefit from the vertical turning process.
  • Good for challenging parts with interrupted cuts and unbalanced work pieces.

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